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ADF Tutorial: How to show / hide a required attribute.

When the requirement needs the developer to implement a hide / show attribute conditionally, the task can be accomplished straightforward with an “auto-submit / partial trigger” strategy. However, when the case is

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ADF Tutorial: How to implement dependent list of values

When working with ADF Business Component, a common requirement is to implement a dependent list of values based on the current row of a View Object. 

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We have built our page using ADF Essentials over Glassfish Server. It has a simple layout and it is responsive. Check it out from your PC and Smartphone.

E-Business Suite EBS integration in ADF and ADF Mobile

Can you imagine how much effort and time could take to train your employees to use the self-service modules of the E-Business Suite in your organization? Yes, depending on the size. If you are a relatively small company this could be matter of few days but if you are a large scale company wanting to get all your employees to use the system to update their bank details, their personal information, or even to download they pay slips, this could take a while.

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