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ADF Tutorial: How to executeWithParams with a LOV – SelectOneChoice and no command button

When creating and experimenting ADF Applications, a common thought or requirement would be to filter a table upon a selection from a LOV. This might sound straightforward to implement; Autosubmit to the LOV, ExecuteWithParams in the ValueChangeListener, partialTrigger on the table and buya, this should be enough. Later on you would find out that the behaviour is not the expected. 

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JDeveloper 12.c – Experience of the weekend.

We have been working in a POC integrating Oracle e-Business Suite in Oracle ADF. We are currently using JDeveloper 12.c due to the great new improvements. It has been amazing, the speed is really good in comparison of previous version some new components that are just beautiful out of the box. However, we had some issues while working with the IDE. We are listing them with a brief description and screenshot;

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ADF Tutorial: How to apply bulk actions to a view object rows. Part 1

Here is a quick one. If there is a requirement that states that an action must be performed to all the result set of a view object, then you might consider the following method. In our case, we have a requirement that we need to raise the salary of all the employees within an specific department. 

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ADF Tips: Some known issues / bugs so far for JDeveloper 12.c

First of all, we should congratulate the #OracleADF team for the great work and hard effort for this release. As every just released release, there are some issues we would like to digest for you:

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ADF Tutorial: Transient attributes and how to populate them – Part 1

One of the great advantages of using ADF BC for your data model, is the possibility to use “Transient” attributes in them. A transient attribute means that it is not persistent in data base and it will filled manually or programatically to achieve a certain task within a requirement. For example, a requirement is to display the Average Employee Salary for a Department. If you think to

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ADF Tutorial: How to show / hide a required attribute.

When the requirement needs the developer to implement a hide / show attribute conditionally, the task can be accomplished straightforward with an “auto-submit / partial trigger” strategy. However, when the case is

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ADF Tutorial: How to implement dependent list of values

When working with ADF Business Component, a common requirement is to implement a dependent list of values based on the current row of a View Object. 

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