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ADF Mobile and Ubuntu 13.04 64bits

I have no doubt that every developer that wishes to set up Ubuntu 13.04 for ADF Mobile (let’s say with JDeveloper, will make it after jumping from one google search result to another. This is why if you see this post before your quest, it might save you some minutes in figuring out what do you need to do to finally be able to deploy your ADF Mobile application into your device.

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JDeveloper 12.c: How would look an e-Business Suite integration in ADF

After playing a little bit and getting to know the new components for this ADF – JDeveloper 12.c release, we are happy to show how easy and beautiful an application could be just by using out of the box components. We want to thank the #OracleTeam for their hard work on this. There has been a huge improvement in the technology since we first worked with JDeveloper 10g. 

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E-Business Suite EBS integration in ADF and ADF Mobile

Can you imagine how much effort and time could take to train your employees to use the self-service modules of the E-Business Suite in your organization? Yes, depending on the size. If you are a relatively small company this could be matter of few days but if you are a large scale company wanting to get all your employees to use the system to update their bank details, their personal information, or even to download they pay slips, this could take a while.

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