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Ubuntu Server: How to route 80 to 8080 port trafic?

All you need to do is use the following command:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to 8080

Oracle JDeveloper, ADF & ADF Mobile – LATAM

Hemos tomado la iniciativa de crear una nueva comunidad de Oracle JDeveloper y ADF en Espanol. Si estas interesado en formar parte, este es el link.

JDeveloper 12.1.3: DVT Visualization Graphs, a step back?

I’ll try not to be too critical about it but… Most of us felt mesmerized and exited about this new version’s release notes where a bunch of new graphs were introduced which is great and we should, we are thankful to JDeveloper’s team for the effort. However, there are few “steps back” that I would like to mention to see if I get a valid response from someone in Oracle. Specifically about Bars Charts (this may apply for the rest of the other graphs as well). 

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Oracle Linux Tip: How to install google chrome?

This is a very quick post that can save some people of frustration when trying to install google chrome in Oracle Linux without realising that Google Chrome doesn’t support any more Linux Red Hat distro, hence, Oracle Linux is not supported to. If you try to install it manually, you will face some missing libraries and dependencies ( that will take you soon to google and find the solution. Hopefully, you have arrived here rather sooner than later. You can install Google Chrome by running:

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ADF Mobile and Ubuntu 13.04 64bits

I have no doubt that every developer that wishes to set up Ubuntu 13.04 for ADF Mobile (let’s say with JDeveloper, will make it after jumping from one google search result to another. This is why if you see this post before your quest, it might save you some minutes in figuring out what do you need to do to finally be able to deploy your ADF Mobile application into your device.

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JDeveloper 12.c: and Ubuntu 13.04

For those developers thinking to start using JDeveloper 12.c in Ubuntu 13.04; Once the installation is made either in 32 bits or 64 bits distribution, and using either the Linux installer or generic installation package, the result is going to be the same; JDeveloper won’t run. It will certainly trick you to think everything is going fine and no errors whatsoever, but after the splash screen, nothing happen and the icon disappears.

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JDeveloper 12.c – Experience of the weekend.

We have been working in a POC integrating Oracle e-Business Suite in Oracle ADF. We are currently using JDeveloper 12.c due to the great new improvements. It has been amazing, the speed is really good in comparison of previous version some new components that are just beautiful out of the box. However, we had some issues while working with the IDE. We are listing them with a brief description and screenshot;

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We have built our page using ADF Essentials over Glassfish Server. It has a simple layout and it is responsive. Check it out from your PC and Smartphone.

Buenas Noticias a la comunidad hispana

Tambien estaremos dando apoyo a la comunidad hispana a traves de nuestro blog en espanol. Nos interesa mucho llegar a todos los rincones por lo que hemos decidido anunciar la creacion de un blog paralelo en espanol.

Our First Post

Welcome to our Blog. We will be posting interesting information about our services as well as technical tasks and tutorials for those wanting start they path in Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). Our aim is to help with our knowledge and accept suggestion for those who are also experienced ADF Developers.

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