BI Publisher 11G

BI Publisher 11G: How to display a BLOB Image in an RTF Template.

Although the task seems relatively easy, the information available is too vague and you might find yourself struggling to understand what needs to be done, specially if you are just getting started with BI Publisher. In order to display a BLOB image in the report template RTF (using MS Word BI Publisher Plugin), follow the next steps:

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BI Publisher 11G: Footers and Headers in RTF template.

This is our first post for BI Publisher 11G that is meant to save others that have little or none experience on the tool but still, need to get the job done.

This post is about a relatively simple task; add a dynamic footer or header to your RTF template in MS Word using BI Publisher plugin, and the footer/header need to reference dynamic data (data model fields). 

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