Our Work: Who said that an ADF Application wouldn’t look nice? Check this out!

NoticiasD – A news reader ADF Application with custom skinning emulating what is now known as Linkedin Pulse. This POC Application was born with only one goal; show that ADF Applications can look as nice as any other web application you might have seen. Although the application itself is simple and far from being perfect, you may actually doubt that it was build using only adf components.

An external JS library is used to achieve the mansonry effect. The application has been built using ADF Essentials 12.1.2 deployed in a glassfish server 3.1. It is quite responsive (again, not perfect) but it will render just fine in your pc, tablet or mobile phone.


Visit the the beta application here:

UPDATE: I have shut down the machine. If you need to see the app live and running please drop me an email.

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