JDeveloper 12.c – ADF Tips: How to pass parameters to method in EL Expression

This is a very short post to show all ADF Developers currently working in the latest version of JDeveloper, a new feature that has been brought in this release powered by JSF 2.0. 

Now, you are able to pass parameters to methods using EL Expressions. Let’s see this little and simple but illustrative example. We have a simple form showing the first employee for the standard HR Schema;


At the bottom of the form we have an outputText which we want its value to come directly from a method in our backing bean. The method returns a String and receives 4 parameters;


Now,  we pass the parameters directly from the bindings to the method call using EL Expression as follows:


After running our page;


We can also use this approach in the actionListener for our ‘Show Message’ button:


And this is how the method looks in our bean:


After running the page and clicking in our button we get:


Cool, innit?

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