JDeveloper and ADF Forum Weekly Digest. Answered Questions.

We have decided to just post the most relevant Question and Answers (our own opinion) for last week from the OTN JDeveloper and ADF forums. As always, an screenshot for your reference and a link to the post will be provided. This is purely informative purposes and we do not agree or disagree with the content of the posts;

limit the number of Rows in View ObjSelection_042

findComponentInRoot Vs bindingComponent (Performance)Selection_029

JDeveloper/ADF 12c -Djbo.debugoutput=consoleSelection_030

ADF Mobile Unable to change splash screenSelection_031

Using impl class for functions on a tableSelection_032

Prerequistees for Jdeveloper and ADF !Selection_033

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  1. Manolis



    hi !,

    i am new in jdeveloper adf and i want to ask if is any tutorial from scratch where i can do user interface,user authorization,image map click event,where the use can click in image map point so they can see in a form specification about one one built and users can change (edit ,delete,update and so on) information or someone can suggest me another tool.I did the database with mysql workbench Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

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