JDeveloper 12.c: How would look an e-Business Suite integration in ADF

After playing a little bit and getting to know the new components for this ADF – JDeveloper 12.c release, we are happy to show how easy and beautiful an application could be just by using out of the box components. We want to thank the #OracleTeam for their hard work on this. There has been a huge improvement in the technology since we first worked with JDeveloper 10g. 

Why would an e-Business Suite integration be useful for an organization? – Imagine your corporation has hundreds or thousands of employees and you are managing your business with e-Business Suite; trainings, expenses, times, payroll, etc. Out of the box, an e-Business Suite application would require some training to know where and how to do stuff on it. Some times, most of the employees just need to access an small portion of the system; like for example, update their personal information, bank details, log times and expenses, request holidays or just download their payslips. This is when the integration comes to play along. For those who doesn’t know what is e-Business Suite, you can to get to know more about it here.

In this occasion we want to show you how would an e-Business Suite integration look like under a limited budget. No styles whatsoever applied and it would be, still, a beautiful and robust web application purely made in ADF.

Showing the rights functionalities after user is logged in and responsibilities are checked and application roles assigned.


The user is able to update its own information using an easy and intuitive interface.


In case the user has the responsibility to manage their direct reports, it would be able to iterate over a list and then see / update  information for each of its employee.


User could have access to notifications or better known task-list and action them as per Oracle Apps.


Most important is that this would be a step forward to take the integration to ADF Mobile. Please see this post.

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