ADF Tips: Some known issues / bugs so far for JDeveloper 12.c

First of all, we should congratulate the #OracleADF team for the great work and hard effort for this release. As every just released release, there are some issues we would like to digest for you:

  1. The issue with the ‘Ignore Null Values’ for the View Criteria. We posted a workaround.
  2. Problems with nested application module and VO bindings. Bug 17252882.
  3. No visual arrow in binding page for Detail Iterator – Master Detail. Bug 17252882
  4. Activation property cannot be set to “ <default> Immediate ” for page with region. Bug 17280202.
  5. Variables in Bindings can not be used. Bugs 17279986 and 17280063. Go to the forum post.
  6. Problems with Tables and Filterable attributes. Bug 17279781. Go to the forum post.
  7. Some other issues are described here.

As a workaround for #6 TimoHahn suggests:

you can set up the filter yourself by adding an af:inoutText to the columns filter facet and binding hte value property of the inputText to the EL #{vs.filterCriteria.YOURATTRIBUTENAME}. For a detailed description on how to do this read

Hopefully in the next releases all this issues will be resolved. For more information regarding this issues you can see the following oracle forum:


  1. Timo Hahn



    Nice summary!
    In the meantime Bug 17292430 has been logged for your first point as of
    And i would like to see the links to the workarounds (1. and 6.) here too as it make finding them, and helping others hitting the same bugs, easier.


    • oralution



      Hi Timo,

      Thanks for your comment. We have now provided some links and quotes to possible workarounds while the #OracleADF team works on them.


      Oralution Team

  2. Mike



    Is there any work around for 2nd issue? I have tried all possible ways but could not over come the problem.
    Thanks in Advance.

  3. Shiva




    My Jdev IDE, Hangs everytime when i go to Application Module, Data Model Tab, Any Solutions for this.?
    We’re not able to proceed further because of this issue.

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